Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Treasuring Grace Book Club Questions for Ch. 15 and 16

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We hope you are continuing to enjoy your summer read of Treasuring Grace. If you havent started, its not to late! Pick up a copy and catch up. The discussion questions for previous chapters can all be found on the Treasuring Grace Book Club tab at the top of the blog. 
Here are the discussion questions for Chapters 15 and 16.

We see some more of Jennifer again in Chapter 15.  Describe her and her relationship with Scott.
Jennifer calls herself the “Ice Queen”.  She’s demanding and focused on tasks.  She’s sensitive and already feeling the loss of her graduating daughter, but she tries to hide her feelings.  We know from further reading that she evolved into this person after her own abortion.  The graduation of her daughter is particularly poignant knowing that the aborted child could have helped fill the void.
Jennifer and Scott enjoy being enemies.  They enjoy trying to irritate each other.  Instead of simply not getting along with each other, they’ve found a way to make their occasional forced contact enjoyable.

Chapter 16 is the Swanson’s day on the lake.  Why is it so enjoyable for them?
Liz believes Grace is alive and with them.  Not only does this erase the burden of the abortion, but Liz immensely enjoys her imaginary Grace.   Liz laughs more and does more things.  Everybody enjoys the day more as a result.  Even Scott is willing to go to the party afterwards.

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