Our Inspiration: A Message from Tracy

Treasuring Grace Ministries provides the truth of life and offers healing and hope for those affected by abortion. Thank you for coming here in the spirit of friendship and support.

Now is the Time

"Now, in the name of God, who chose you and set you apart from the time when you were in your mother's womb, and by His grace revealed his Son to you: Preach with your lives and when necessary, use words". Amen

I recently read this prayer with the often quoted words from St. Francis of Assisi, "Preach with your lives and when necessary, use words".

I believe it is necessary at this time to use words! Our society is struggling with what was once basic morals and accepted values. Through Treasuring Grace Ministries we want to touch hearts with the truth of life!

The novel Treasuring Grace is a beautiful and profound story about life, loss and love. You will come to know the characters and their struggles as they deal with their choices in life. Treasuring Grace was inspired by a dream and collaborated on by Rob Plumley and Tracy Roberts.

It is our prayer that Treasuring Grace will touch lives and possibly save some because we have shared the truth of life!


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