Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Treasuring Grace: Book Club Discussion Questions Ch. 23 and 24

Hi friends, we are coming close to the end of our Treasuring Grace bookclub and we hope you have enjoyed it. When we are done we'd love to hear what you have thought of the experience. 
Here are this weeks book club questions for chapters 23 and 24.

Jennifer is featured prominently in Chapters 23 and 24.  What do you think about her response to Liz ’s despair?

We don’t really know a lot about Jennifer, but we can imagine and extrapolate from what we do know.  Despite the porta-potties when we first met her, image was very important to her.  The parade was also very important to her, so she didn’t leave it lightly.  This was almost heroic, and her subsequent rescue of Liz was crucial – you can imagine the Swansons sitting there for a long time without her help.  Sharing her own story was generous and pivotal in helping Liz .  Acknowledging the wrong and asking for forgiveness was a necessary approach.  Liz wouldn’t have responded to anything else, especially not an attempt to minimize it.
Do you think the relationship between Jennifer and Scott will change?  

I think Jennifer and Scott will think a little differently of each other, but they enjoy antagonizing each other too much to let it go.
Has Jennifer gotten over her own abortion?  

Probably not.  By her own admission, her personality changed.  She became an “Ice Queen”.  There was a stronger term before editing.  That’s why Scott’s kind words got to her.  It was almost easier for her to believe that she was just a hard, cold person than that she was a good person who made a mistake.

Read Chapters 25 and 26

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