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Treasuring Grace Book Club Discussion Questions Ch 20 -22

We are nearing the end of our Treasuring Grace Book Club adventure and we hope you have been having fun and enjoying the author insights and discussion questions.  Here are the questions to delve into for chapters 20-22.

Consider the path of Liz ’s emotional state through Chapters 20, 21, and 22.  How do you think it relates to her belief in Grace?

In Chapter 20, the Swansons enjoy an idyllic evening on the lake.  Jake and Scott enjoy a heated game of catch, jabbing at each other.  Alyssa is annoyed by it, by Liz is wiser and tolerant even though their bantering and competing must get tiresome.  Just like their day on the lake, Liz is the glue that holds it together.  She makes the dinner.  She gathers the ingredients for the s’mores.  She keeps the peace.  She’s happy and content, and she believes that Grace is safe, snug, and fast asleep in her bed.

A transition occurs in Chapter 21.  Liz gets a warning from her grandfather but attempts to ignore it.  Liz is anxious to get to the parade, and puts on quite a show with her singing and stomping around to be sure that everyone is awake.  She’s still in good spirits, but it may almost seem forced with her joke about clowns and then snapping at Alyssa.  Grace is gone by the end of the chapter, but Liz doesn’t understand yet.

Liz fully understands the truth about Grace in Chapter 22, and she falls into complete despair.
In Chapter 22, the Swansons finally understand what Liz has gone through.  What do you think of their reactions?

Well, the reactions of Scott and Alyssa may be a little idealized.  A husband immediately acknowledging the significance and accepting blame for something that happened 8 years prior might not be typical.  But he loves her, largely understands her, and saw her weekend’s joy turn to heartbreak overnight.  

Alyssa had spent hours analyzing her mother’s tormented journal entries.  She would have to be pretty cold hearted not to immediately express sympathy and assurance.  

Jake was the holdout.  This was his first stumble, but we felt it was important to the story to acknowledge that the path to self-forgiveness might not be entirely smooth.
Read Ch. 23 and 24

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