Monday, June 4, 2012

Men's Rights: Pro Life Resources for Men

Although the pro life cause is often thought of as a woman's issue, men's rights and emotions are equally complex and important. Whether it is post-abortion healing that needs to be addressed, or help planning a discussion with a girlfriend or mate, there are numerous resources for men to help. In honor of the upcoming Father's Day Holiday, I thought a list of some of the available resources might be useful.

Life Issues Institute offers a listing of articles, bible studies and books on the subject:

Guys For Life is a comprehensive website that offers mentoring and plentiful resources for men in need.

Men and Abortion Network offers help and healing for men who have lost children to abortion

The Unchoice has a good listing of resources focused on the needs of men affected by abortion.

Pro Life Men of America is another website that provides resources, links and information relevant to men.

This list is not comprehensive, but will give you a good start if you are looking for help.  Know of a good resource you'd like to share? please comment here.

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