Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Message Supporting Fathers: California Billboards Campaign

Check out this article from about an ad campaign that was promoted in California. A quote from the article is perfect for this weekends Father's Day Holiday " When a child is conceived, a Father is born...

Fatherhood Begins in the Womb, New Pro-Life Billboards Say

by Steven Ertelt | Sacramento, CA | | 9/14/11 10:55 AM

 A new pro-life billboard campaign in California has a clear message for the African-American community:  Fatherhood begins in the womb. That’s what a group of black pro-life advocates want people to know.
Walter Hoye, a pro-life African-American pastor, teamed up with Radiance Foundation founder Ryan Bomberger, a LifeNews blogger who is a black pro-life and adoption advocate, for the new professional billboard campaign.
The Radiance Foundation, partnering with the Issues4Life Foundation, announces a powerful new billboard/web campaign to illuminate the crisis of fatherlessness. The new billboards, “Fatherhood begins in the womb”, have been placed in Sacramento, California, the state that has aborted 214,190 of its children in the last reported year, Bomberger says.
“When a child is conceived, a father is born,” Bomberger told LifeNews.

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