Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Laying Down Your Life for that of Anothers: The Truth of Life

Read this article on Lifenews.com and was reminded of what sacrifice and Motherhood is really about. What a great role model this woman is, and a true believer in the meaning and value of life. Although her choice was a difficult one and her family would be grieving her loss, she also left them a beautiful gift and legacy: Read on...

Mother Dies Who Spared Her Baby From Abortion When Cancer Struck

by Elizabeth Scalia | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 6/24/12 8:03 P
28 year-old Chiara Corbella has died and at her funeral in Rome, there was joy amid the sorrow. In fact, there was a kind of triumph, of love over life and life over death — one of those contradictory signs that makes no sense to an efficient world but is transcendently reasonable to the mind of faith:
Chiara was happily married to Enrico Petrillo. They had already suffered the loss of two children [born with birth defects] in recent years. . .The couple became popular speakers at pro-life events, in which they shared their testimony about the few minutes they were able to spend with their children, David and Maria, before they died.
In 2010, Chiara became pregnant for the third time, and according to doctors the child was developing normally. However, Chiara was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and was advised to begin receiving treatment that would have posed a risk to her pregnancy.
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