Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shining the Light: On Baby First Site: Educational Website for Baby

Hi friends,
I recently posted a note about our new Resources for New Moms tab on our TG home page, but I wanted to call your attention to one of the links, because I know you won't have time to check them all out.

Baby First is a nice little website that could be an invaluable resource for those who home school, or want to give their kids a head start with some early learning at home.

It offers free videos, lessons and games that support learning of all the basics... colorful and bright, your little ones will be both entertained and educated.

There is plenty for Mom and Dad as well, including some resources for online books for kids.
Don't have a small tike? Please share this resource with someone who does.
You'll find them here:  Baby First TV

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