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God Speaks: Real Stories of God's Guiding Hand...

The book "Treasuring Grace" was inspired by a dream in which co -author Tracy Roberts feels that God spoke to her and directed her hand in the writing of the story. Many people feel God's special influence in their lives in direct or indirect ways.  This recurring column seeks to bring you some of their inspirational stories.

"John's Story"

“ I remember it was a Dark street with a lot of people walking, looking for something.  Jesus looked at me and asked “what do you see John?
 I said, “I see a lot of people who look poor and need help.”
Jesus said to me “you’re right, these are my children. What they are looking for is help.” A tear came to my eyes because I could not help his children.
I saw next to this street a series of brightly lit yards and nice sidewalks leading to the doors of churches. Each one was beautiful, covered with gold and embellishments, filled with followers. At that time that gave me hope in my heart.  

 Jesus said to me “John, look.” and some people came out with food and gave to the street people and then they were walking back to their church’s very happy with what they have just done.
They were being followed by a few of the people. Now, they were not dressed nicely and they asked if they could come in, they wanted to belong to the churches on the block but they didn’t know or look right for the church they were asking to enter and after a while the doors were closed and no one enter from the street. 

Now it was raining and terrible weather outside and I ask Jesus what happen? He said to me “Is it the children in the church or the children in the street who need to learn?”
Just after he said this I didn’t have time to ask him enough questions when a chariot landed right in front of us.  The doors opened and the doorman held them open then all the Church doors opened and the people inside came out to see what was going on.  They quickly jumped into the chariots, pushing the people who were on the streets off.
 As the last car was being filled Jesus reached out his arm, saving the last seat for me and said “John, do you wish to go with them? 
I waited for a short time and said “I don’t deserve to go Jesus I am not worthy” and I backed away from the car I turned to Jesus and ask if he was going he said “No John, My children need to learn and there is still time” and then The Chariot lifted off the ground and soared into the sky. 

A bright light began to build in the sky and the people in the chariot were excited because they were going to Heaven. Suddenly the bright light turned into a hot and fiery Volcano, and the Chariot rode right into the middle of it, with all the Church people inside.
 After I saw what had happen I didnt know what to say, so I asked, “how do we enter into heaven Jesus”. 

As tears ran down my face and I found my self kneeling in front of him for I was one of those people doing what was being ask of me. No more but no less. In my heart I know I was doing works just to get my place in the chariot to heaven.
As Jesus leaned down to me he asked me to stand.  As I look through my tears I could see we were no longer on the street.  It was still raining and windy but in front of us was a rocky mountain with water running down it and a cable like off a crane but it was frayed he told me to grab the cable and put my hand on it and said “John this is the only way.”
 So I started to pull my self up the cable it was ripping through my skin on my hands and the sides of my feet were bare and the rocks did not help much.   

 “The road to heaven is not easy John it takes a lot of hard work and must give your body and soul to your work” that was the last thing I head from Jesus.  

  As I was squeezing through a tight hole I could see at last a bright light and I felt peace falling through the hole onto me. My hand was ripped up and bleeding but as soon as it reach the light it was healed and then I woke up feeling the pain in my hands and turning on the light I could see little cuts all over my hands. I fell to the floor and prayed.   The next morning I showed my wife and told her of what the dream was and where I thought the cuts came from .

Have you been touched by God or inspired by a dream? Share your story with us here.

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