Friday, December 14, 2012

God Speaks: Real Stories of God's Guiding Hands in Real People's Lives: The Miracle on Hwy 6 (Video)

The book "Treasuring Grace" was inspired by a dream in which co -author Tracy Roberts feels that God spoke to her and directed her hand in the writing of the story. Many people feel God's special influence in their lives in direct or indirect ways.  This column seeks to bring you some of their inspirational stories.

The below video features a story and news footage about a car crash and rescue that is truly inspirational and shows the awesome power of prayer and God's love for His children. It was presented originally on The 700 club, and the video includes additional 700 club commentary for your consideration.     Enjoy the real life story.... and I hope it uplifts your day....

Evidence of Angels~The Miracle on Highway Six


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