Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Does the Military Support Abortion?

A recent article published on After Abortion.com sites that the Senate recently voted to authorize insurance coverage for abortions for women in the  military who become pregnant through rape or incest.

Studies have shown that only 50% of women who get pregnant by rape choose to have abortions, but pro-lifers fear that with insurance coverage military women may feel pressured to do so.

Check out the article and decide for yourself.

Paying for Abortions Harmful to Military Women Who Become Pregnant Through Rape

Women Who’ve Been There Call for Better Support, Not Abortion

Abortion advocates are applauding a Senate vote to authorize insurance coverage for abortions for women in the military who become pregnant through rape or incest.
But many women who’ve been there — including the members of the Ad Hoc Committee of Women Pregnant By Sexual Assault (WPSA) — say that abortion will harm, not help, women who become pregnant through sexual assault.
The group says that covering abortion fosters the expectation that women who become pregnant through sexual assault want and need abortions, despite research showing that only half of women in such situations have abortions and that many believe abortion only causes additional problems.
If abortion is seen as the solution, women who become pregnant through rape will be more likely to be pressured to abort, face discrimination or disbelief about their stories and have difficulty finding the support they need.
The book Victims and Victors, based on one of the only surveys ever done of women who became pregnant through rape or incest, includes the story of a woman who was pressured to abort by medical personnel and family members after becoming pregnant through rape while her husband was in the military:
Abortion was very strongly encouraged by the military medical personnel, as well as by my husband and family. My husband said, ‘Abortion now,’ while I was still in the hospital. He called my parents, who agreed with him. I was told I was emotionally unable to make the decision, so my husband would make if for me. I checked myself out of the hospital to escape a forced abortion. I could not rationalize how the violent act committed against me gave me the right to commit a violent act against an innocent child …
Continue reading at:  http://afterabortion.org/2012/paying-for-abortions-harmful-to-military-women-who-become-pregnant-through-rape/

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