Sunday, April 8, 2012

Inner Healing: The Message of Renewal for All

Part of the mission of Treasuring Grace is healing for everyone touched by abortion. I found this great article on Great Bible titled Inner Healing 101 Healing Emotional Wounds that deals with identifying our wounds and how the bible can direct us towards healing.
"Open up those wounds, and give the pain to Jesus. What you want is to open up those wounds before the light (Jesus), so that they can be healed. As long as you hold them in darkness, they will never fully heal. If you had a physical wound, and it turned into an infection, and you merely put a bandaid over the wound, would that solve the problem? Of course not! You need to take that mask off, expose it to the light, and apply the healing and germ-killing light of Christ into that wound so that it can heal."

I encourage all my readers to go to  to read the entire article and apply it to your own lives. No matter the source of your inner wound, (we all have something) this is the perfect time of the year to shed our sorrow and be renewed.

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