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God Speaks: Stories of How God Works in Real People's Lives: Kidnapped and Freed by God's Hand

The book "Treasuring Grace" was inspired by a dream in which co -author Tracy Roberts feels that God spoke to her and directed her hand in the writing of the story. Many people feel God's special influence in their lives in direct or indirect ways.  This column seeks to bring you some of their inspirational stories.

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Over the years, I've really struggled a lot with fear.  I'm a sensitive person and things in the past have just hit me really hard.  Eighteen years ago I had breast cancer and that was hard.  Another time, we were in a near plane crash. Another time, our little granddaughter was diagnosed with a childhood cancer called neuroblastoma when she was three years old. As of 2012 she's l0 years old and doing very well, but it was very hard to see her lose her hair and go through so much trauma.  Fear is a tool of the enemy, and the devil really does use it to try to tie us up and render us ineffective and distract us from what God's calling us to do.  That's why I'm completely trusting God to help me to overcome this fear (Which He is doing, thank you Lord!).  I cannot do this by myself; it is something that God has to help me with.  
Sometimes to come against fears, to get victory over it, we have to confront them and that can be really scary; especially when they are brought to your doorstep like it was mine. About four months ago (as of early 2012) I really had to confront this fear.  A fearful situation came into our lives that was totally unexpected.
We woke up at 4:00 in the morning to people yelling in our bedroom.   I opened my eyes and someone was standing over me, on my side of the bed; a man totally dressed in black, except you could see his eyes, and he had a knife in his hand.  I just couldn’t believe it.  I closed my eyes and I thought I was having a nightmare, and I opened them again and he was still there, and I was utterly terrified.   He pulled out some duct tape and he was working with it while holding the knife.  He was trying to tie my ankles up and my wrists, and it was dawning on me that he was going to take me away. 

The thought of having to leave my husband was terrifying and putting duct tape around my ankles  and getting me ready to go out of the house was tortuous.  I started kicking the man and my husband said, “Stop, Honey; he’s got a knife to your neck”!   I didn’t even realize it, so I calmed down.  There was another man dressed the same way with a knife over my husband.  My husband had a very peaceful demeanor through this, and I’m so thankful that he didn’t blow up or get angry and set them off any more.  They were constantly yelling and swearing at us through this whole ordeal.  I found myself getting pulled and yanked out of our house into my own vehicle. He started putting duct tape over my eyes and my mouth, wrists and ankles and commanding me to lay down on the back seat.  To feel so vulnerable and helpless and to be under someone’s control like that was just … HELL.  

He pulled out of the driveway in the dark, away from my husband, our home, my safety place.  I mean, it was awful.   I didn’t have a clue where we were going, what he was going to do to me, or how long this would last.   He was driving with his left hand and had his right hand over the back of his seat with the knife in his hand, and he kept demanding that I lay down in the back seat, and if I sat up he’d kill me, and I believed that he would.  He had the knife right to my neck.
At that point, I remembered God.  I did.  I remembered to call out to God. I remembered He was there.  I prayed in the Spirit.  I remembered that praying in tongues will bring me to a place where my spirit is talking to God’s Spirit without my mind getting involved, and I just called on God.  The next thing I remember after I prayed, I remembered to plead the blood of Jesus over my body.  In the Bible it talks about the blood over the doorposts being protection, and I realized I needed God’s protection.  And as I brought God into the picture, the next thing I remember is that Proverbs 3:5 and 6 came to my mind.  Then some other verses came to mind reminding me that God is my refuge.  I surrendered totally to God and His Word as the Holy Spirit brought key scriptures to my mind.  The supernatural peace of God came into me. The situation hadn’t changed, but I remembered God.  The fear factor was lessening as the God factor was going up; and the realization that God was greater than this fear.   And if He can help me through that, He can help anyone through anything. 
It wasn’t too long after that, and he stopped and pulled me out and pulled me into what I thought was a forest. And I remember thinking: 'I am NOT going to be one of those people who are never heard from again, In Jesus’ Name'!  
There was a pole, and he started to use the duct tape on my knees, and he was tying me to this pole. He said, “There’s somebody behind you and if you try to escape, he’ll kill you”.  I did not believe there was anyone behind me. I just did not sense it. 
I could hear him leaving, and I just waited a little while, not very long - like maybe 15 seconds.  Then I wiggled out of the duct tape on my wrists and pulled it off of my eyes and mouth, and I realized I was in a cornfield, and the corn was like 8’ tall, and I looked around and there was nobody behind me,   It was still dark, and there was nobody around.  I looked down and the tape was around my knees, and I pushed it apart and honestly, it was a miracle. The duct tape that was holding me to the pole ripped as I just put a slight pressure on it! 
I broke away from there, and ran to the road.  I thought in my heart:  It’s important which way I go – straight, left, or right.   I paused and felt God leading me to go straight.  Little did I know that the man had run out of duct tape, and he had run down the road to my vehicle to get more, and he was coming back and if I had turned left, I would have run right into him!  
No one prepares themselves for this kind of situation, and I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t know whether to keep running or find a place, like I ended up doing, to hide.  I just didn’t know what to do.  But the thing that I remember is that I never felt so alone in my life.  I have never had a time in my life where nobody knew where I was.  It was like … nobody. 
It was dark - I was in my pajamas - I was barefooted ... duct tape hanging all over me.  I just started running.  Through the fields and hiding for awhile and praying -- then I would run some more.  
At one point, when I stopped and wondered what to do, I noticed a line of trucks by this trucking business. There were all these white cabs lined up, except there was only one red one.  The parking lights were on and the motor was running and I knew somebody was in there and I ran.  I was so relieved to see that the gate that should have maybe been locked, to hold those trucks in there, was open. And I ran in there and ran to the truck and pounded on the door and no answer.  But then pretty soon I opened the door on the driver’s side and called in there, and a man was in there and he had been sleeping, and he helped me. 
In Proverbs 3:6 where it says that: If we acknowledge Him in all our ways He will direct our path. HE DID!  He directed me to go straight.  If I would have gone left, I do not know what would have happened.

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