Friday, October 19, 2012

God Speaks: Real Stories of God's Guiding Hands in Real People's Lives

The book "Treasuring Grace" was inspired by a dream in which co -author Tracy Roberts feels that God spoke to her and directed her hand in the writing of the story. Many people feel God's special influence in their lives in direct or indirect ways.  This column seeks to bring you some of their inspirational stories.
  During my research for this column I came across a Christian forum on the topic of God speaking to everyday people. On the forum people shared some of their true life stories, with the hopes of inspiring others.  It is my hope that by sharing some of their stories here as well, that we can spread the word and bring hope and faith to more people through their inspirational experiences. It is my sincere hope that these kind believers do not mind.

Below is a story that reminds us that even the smallest effort and kindness is evidence of God's influence in our everyday lives.  Enjoy.

 Once as a child I was tobogganing alone, in farm/country land behind my house that I used to sneak off into and I had decided to take this one "hill" I had discovered that was way steeper that day than usual due to large amounts of snow and steep drifts that had built up. I closed my eyes on the way down, enjoying myself.... It was one of these plastic sleds with the little hand breaks on the sides. Suddenly I heard, I kid you not, a audible, loud, echoing "STOP!" and I was so alarmed I cranked on the breaks without thinking. 

I had turned my head around as t seemed like it had come from behind me, and had opened my eyes then. When I turned my head forward again, I saw that I had somehow, on this sled, turned towards the treeline, and not two inches in front of my face was a sharp broken tree branch sticking out at me like a spear... If I had kept going I would have been skewered, basically. I looked and looked and there was no other sound or evidence of another human being around me whatsoever. No foot prints, it was just me and the wind and trees and grey sky. 

I didn't think it was God or an angel at the time but there is just no way anyone even close by could have seen me at the bottom of the dip in the land there without me seeing them, especially if they were going to be close enough to notice I was heading towards this branch.

The only other time I heard God, it was not audible... It was a strong strong whisper or almost like a "thought injection" I guess during a very upsetting past event, while I was praying but it was a very hysterical, upset and selfish prayer. And then suddenly cutting through everything racing through my mind was "be patient!" and it was so strong and commanding of my attention, like there was no way to confuse it with those times my own head is generating random thoughts...and after that moment, i felt sudden clarity and peace. 

Not to mention somewhat foolish about my reaction. So there they are, my only two experiences where I felt there was verbal communication... For what it's worth. The one potentially saved my life. The other... I will never know for sure how it affected outcomes.

Image:  FLickr
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