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Behind the Bookcovers: Insider Tips for Christian Writers #2

Treasuring Grace is a Christian themed book that was published by Healthy Life Press. Being a first time author makes it hard to break into the writing business and the Christian market, although growing, makes it even harder. We know there are a lot of you in the same boat, with great ideas, inspired story lines, but not really sure where to go with your manuscript or how to take the next step.  
We asked our publisher at Healthy Life Press some questions about breaking into the Christian Publishing business (referred to a CP in the future) and wanted to share his valuable information with you here. We are sure you'll find it fascinating and helpful.

Q: Do you think that a writer with a blog following helps when presenting a book idea to a publisher?
Absolutely! And the best new resource about this is the book "Platform," by Michael Hyatt. Every author or aspiring author should get that book and absorb it. His main point is that in the new world of publishing, it isn't worth advertising anywhere because social networking (word of mouth) is what sells things. Many an author has written a great book that no one ever knows about! Nowadays, the Internet can help overcome that problem. On the other hand, you need a "brand," and you need a "tribe."

Q:  Does a book have to be complete before presenting it to a publisher?
In the case of Healthy Life Press, of which I am the publisher, yes, and I'm glad to explain why to anyone who asks. But even with other mainline publishers, I would predict that the old query letter, outline, and three chapters is not going to get you through the door to the first decision makers, though the acquisitions editor may read it. However, see the next point, if you are a previously unpublished author, with no track record, you are not likely to make it even as far as the acquisitions editor.

Q: Overall, is it better to have an agent or not?
You will not get your proposal or manuscript read on the big dance floor without an agent. Agents typically take 15% of the royalty for the life of the book, and many do not require any payment from authors in order to represent them. Our preference at Healthy Life Press is to work directly with an author, but if an agent is involved we make it the author's responsibility to pay the agent their agreed-upon percentage.
David Biebel, Min
Publisher, Healthy Life Press
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