Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day and Healing

Mother's Day can be a particularly difficult time for women who have had abortions. Although they must live with the decision to abort every day, the Mother's Day holiday rubs salt in the wound for many, and reminds them of the regrets and what-might-have-beens had they made better choices.

There is no going back, and many have used their mistakes to help other women avoid the pitfalls of what can seem like an "easy"choice in a time of desperation. However, if you talk to any post-abortion woman, chances are she can tell you how old her baby would have been, had she carried it to term.

 The unsaid things are all the imagined girl scout meetings, trick or treating and sporting events she wishes she had gone to.

No matter what your political point of view is, there is no understating the number of victims of abortion...both unborn children and those who may have been great mothers had someone believed in them or supported them.

 Promoting healing is one of the things we believe in here at Treasuring Grace, and Mother's Day is just another opportunity to encourage those with broken hearts to reach out to any number of resources to finally heal your wounds and become the whole person you were meant to be.

Whether you choose one on one counseling or online support, private journaling or working through your pain in other ways, please do something that brings love and light into your heart. Ignoring your past does not work, and will not help you avoid the inevitable reminders of the love you were meant to share with the world. Share your love - now- in some way and forgive yourself, and heal.
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